The following services are offered at this practice:

  • Individual Counselling

  • Marriage Counselling/Relationship Counselling
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Short Term Therapies (Explained at the bottom of the page)

    • Multi Level Neuro Processing
    • Colour Therapy

    • Astro Therapy

    • Dino Therapy
    • Mari (Mandala assessment research instrument)

  • Pre-Marital Counselling

  • Guidance following divorce

    • Children (8 years and up)

    • Adolescents

    • Parents

    • Adults

  • Career guidance

  • Brain Profiling (NBI)- Whole brain living in:

    • golf

    • rugby

    • rugby referee

    • soccer

    • netball

    • tennis

    • cricket

    • communication

    • decision making

    • leadership

    • relationships

    • parenting

    • teaching/learning

    • creativity

    • sport/lifestyle

  • Pre-Marital Counselling 

· Colour Therapy

Discover your true potential by becoming aware of your personality, feelings, senses, physical and cognitive abilities and talents. This short term therapy helps the client gain more insight into his/her own personal needs, wants and abilities. It also provides the client with sufficient self-awareness and self-knowledge which enables the client to manage inner conflicts.

(2 sessions of 55 minutes)

Dino and Astro therapy can only be done once colour therapy has been completed.

 · Astro Therapy (Nothing with to do with astrology)

Astro Therapy gives attention to the clients self-awareness and self-knowledge. The client is given the opportunity to express their emotions holistically because unexpressed emotions. Astro therapy is a safe way to explore old hurts and to deal with them effectively. During Astro therapy, the client creates his/her own universe, and deals with past experiences from high above the event, making it safe.

(2 -3 sessions of 50 minutes)

· Dino Therapy

Dino Therapy uses a client's own drawing of a dinosaur to enhance self-knowledge and awareness. During the therapy process, the client discovers his/her inner "fearful lizard" or mask which the client has applied to himself/herself over the years for protection. This mask prevents the client from growing and through the therapy process develops the readiness and energy to get rid of the mask to start acting more self-supporting and mature.

(1 extended session of 80 minutes)

· Multi Level Neuro Processing (MLNP)

Multi level neuro processing is a bottom-up process where you become aware of impulses and how these impulses influences your thought patterns, emotions and ultimately your behaviour. This very new technique has shown extremely good results and is effective for changing seemingly small to very traumatic events. Unlike the other short term therapies, the number of MLNP sessions are different for each client. 

 · MARI (Mandala assessment research instrument)

Symbols predate culture and language and are therefore so much a part of us that we make mental connections with them that are not often conscious. People choosing an upward pointing triangle is typically starting something or it is the beginning of something new. This could be literally or symbolically. During the Mari session, the client is instructed to pick different symbols and then to match a colour to each symbol. Connections between colour and the psychological associations are typically made on an "other than conscious level. The colours that are added, adds dimensions that may be emotional, physical, cognitive or spiritual to the chosen symbols. Mari gives the client a visual indication of where he/she is in their lives with regards to certain process as we move through different stages.

(1 extended session of 80 minutes)

Brain Profiling

Colour Therapy

Astro Theraphy

Dino Therapy


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